Because all of the stars are fading away, just try not to worry, you'll see them some day.

When you cant'see them you must know that those stars are actually there, round us shining in our way, showing us where we are, showing us that we are not alone in this strange and marvellous world. When you cannot see your hands, those stars are there to show you that the breackdown is near. You must not expect life to be fair, ther didin't promise us that it will be easy but they said that it will worth it. Thanks to those stars who are there in my way, they make it worth. Thank you for beeing one of those stars.
By A&P (La Sociedad de los Poetas Vivos )

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Anónimo said...

el poder reside en la libertad y la libertad vive en la sociedad de los poetas vivos, donde viven las artes en todas sus formas. Te quiero A.!!! viva la sociedad de los poetas vivos, dedicada a todos aquellos que aun creen que las palabras pueden cambiar el mundo. Aguante el blog!