You will die before been thin enough

"Hey Girls, You're Beautiful. Wheder you're a size 32 or 18. As long you're a good person. As long you respect the others and respect you're self. Don't lisen to those fashion magazines, girls you're beautiful." -Gerard Way, My Chemical Romance
"Ther's nothing sexy about skin and bone" - Amy Lee, Evanescense
"There's more to life than cheeckbones" - Kate Winslet
"Don't let anyone, even your parent, break you" - Davey Havock, AFI
"You've been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn't worked. Now try approving of your self and see what happens" -Luis L. Hay


Sara said...

Ojalá pudiésemos pensar como G Way!!!

Giuly!! said...

que triste u.u
y yo qe me veiia flaca :P
bueno no se quee decir, suerte a todas las chicas con problemas alimenticios y espero qe esten bien :)